~ INTERMISSION ~ (the girl behind the curtains)

(Skirt by Zara)

Before I move on with the leather fashion trend (yes, that's what's coming up) let me introduce you myself in a small post!(I don't want to bore you).

I'm a 21yo university student studying Digital Systems.I love music, singing, make-up and nail-art. I used to suck at being dressed right. Honestly no fashion sense! Obviously I got better at it :p ( I think...)
I'm not rich nor am I poor. I'm just another average girl with internet connection and big dreams. I was bullied,I bullied (I regret it) and I have issues and insecurities like the next girl.The pieces I pick out of every trend are things I would wear and buy. (That's why I won't write about fur even though it's a big trend as well. I hate fur...).
My favourite latest items: 
 Bourjois 3D lip gloss-Nivea colour passion by Chantal Thomas-Clarins Rouge Prodige-H&M lip gloss
I really wish I could still find the Nivea lipstick.... I swear I love red on the lips but now I adore the darker shades that's been introduced!

And my latest buy! This necklace by H&M. The last one left at the store <3


What I want to achieve by making this blog? Connect with others that have a similar story to share. Truth is fashion isn't just what we see in magazines. Fashion is the people. Fashion is the small necklace we love and wear everyday and the dress we bought even though we have no-where to wear it (yes I've done it....)

I would love to see answers and images and comments from you!

XoXo my dear A-listers....

(Disclaimer:I do own all of the photos in this post and I do claim them to be mine)