Talking about leather!

I thought to show you my very favourite leather jacket! I was waiting the whole summer so that I could wear it! (yeah it's a last year's piece). 
Please ignore the fact that my camera sucks!
Wearing the leather jacket a see-through T-shirt, black skinny trousers and pumps.

Jacket from Zara.
Trousers from Blanco (you can still find them and they are awesome!).
T-shirt (old mother's believe it or not!)
Pumps from a local shop.

In other news...I went for a trim and the hair-dresser understood wrong (obviously) and took 10cm off my hair!!!! I spent a day crying...Now, I just want to get a purple streak and dye them again cause all the red is gone! (they are edited in the pictures). :(((

(Disclaimer:I do own all of the photos in this post and I do claim them to be mine)