Christmas Fashion Party!

How does the Athens Fashion Week community celebrates Christmas? They through a marvellous fashion party! Of course I couldn't miss it so I took my friend Sophie who is also a blogger (Your princess is in another castle) and went! Coincidently it was my name-day so I bailed on my family for this event but it was the best way to celebrate!I was with my best friend doing the thing I love (wearing high-heels, going out and having fun)!
 Gorgeous models walking on a long (very very long) catwalk, L'oreal hairstylists styling people from the crowd, a spa named Swan gave away gifts for the lucky winners and dancers and jogglers completed an amazing evening! I was tweeting photos all night while Sophie was taking pictures with her camera (what you see will be from her camera and not from my phone). We ended the night splitting a waffle and then eating Chinese chicken with caramel (don't judge they were calling our names...).

Celebrated my name-day with a fashion show <3
Here is the official video were you can get a quick idea of the whole evening and after follow the pictures!