Dear Santa...I can explain!

It's not what it looks like! I 've tried to be nice and not shop a lot but... oh who am I kidding? I love shopping!

So as the year ends I thought of what I've achieved this year and my aspirations for the new one. Well that was a looong list. In the end I think I should split myself in 3:my geek/programmer/student side,my fashion-lover side and my designer side. That's the only way for me to do all I want to do. Or if not then give me like 48 hours on 1 day.
Well the good news is after the holidays come the SALES! All the things we wanted but thought were overpriced (will still be overpriced but at least) now we'll get them! Any good pieces you have your eyes on? What are you waiting for? The worse part of sales is the can never find your size. Oh no correction. the worse part is the crowd. First time I got in a shop during sales and saw the store upside down and a manic crowd searching every pile of clothes I was shocked! And the first time was last February.... I really don't know how I missed that for 20 whole years! It's not like I wasn't shopping during sales.
 But let's leave that behind. Sales or not Santa is coming (or came depending on your country). What will he bring to you? My Santa is on vacations this year :( but I'm getting my driver's licence and I got myself a lovely desktop and shoes and dresses and and and.... so who cares?

Oh wait isn't it tonight that we go out having fun and look all dazzling?  A dear friend of mine proposed an awesome make-up I die to try tonight! More photos here!

Well I've been doing the whole dark lips-vamp look all winter long and since I'll be eating and drinking and kissing people (for happy new year)  I think I should leave my lips to rest today. For the nails I did a dark red with (mirror) gold French so it also matches. Now all that's left is to decide the clothes (ain't that the hardest all the time?

I'll probably not post a photo of my look if I'm not oh but I'll be sleeping all day long tomorrow!


  1. I just came across your blog on lookbook and I love it :)

    I was wondering if you would maybe like to follow each other? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back if you do!

    1. Hello and thank you for liking it. I don't really like follow-for-follow because hardly anyone reads my blog in the end. I will look at your blog and IF I like it I will follow you and I will be reading you but I please only follow me if you truly are interested.

  2. "The worse part of sales is the can never find your size."

    This. This never fail to piss me off. I often go home brokenhearted after spending hours browsing shops during sale.

    Happy new year! :)Wishing you an awesome 2013.

    1. Happy new year to you too! Actually: Awesome-amazing-beautiful-happy and healthy 2013!Oh yes and fashionable!