In love with NINEXMUSE

An ideal Christmas gift for special girls who have an opinion and want to stand out? A STATEMENT JEWELLERY!
What is Ninexmuse?Well it is an online paradise for handmade statement jewellery. As you know (or should know) a statement piece can change your whole outfit better than anything else and such pieces can be found anywhere. But it's not your average product.It has all the weird things I like, like dreamy pocket watch necklaces with many designs, or necklaces of cameras and ballerinas.I just LOVE IT!And you would think it's expensive because the work is so good but NO!Actually these are the cheapest handmade jewellery I found.Well, not the cheapest but given the quality and designs the prices are logical and low.I know what my birthday wishlist will be!
Take a look:

(PS:No I will not be paid for this in any way.I just thought to share my excitement with you)
(Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)


  1. Ah, these are so lovely. I'd love to have the headband. :)