Skinny?Model?or just another mannequin?

This has been bothering me for a while now. I hear girls that have a perfectly perfect body and look good in the clothes they wear that they wish they were thinner. Well I am considered to be fat (veery fat) in the fashion world, or at least in the runway world. Well I am not a model and I don't really aspire to be one (not that I could even if I wanted :p ) so why should I be skinny as a skeleton? I know girls that are skinny without trying and I say they are lucky but I am not one of them. I can't loose weight that easily and I watch what I eat so I don't gain.
But does that mean I am not aloud to have a fashion blog, or post to lookbook,or be interested in fashion? 
I am new to this and in this small time I have received a lot of negative thoughts about the fact that I do not look like a model. Models are supposed to be this thin so that the clothes fit right on them. Models are empty canvases for the designers to dress and paint and make them the way they want them to be so that the clothes sell. 
But I am not here to sell clothes I am here to say my opinion and my opinion has an a** and thighs and wishes it needed a bigger bra size! 
I am medium/small but not a 0. 0 is not a size and if you are born with normal body figure why should you be required to change it? I've been bullied for my looks enough in my life and I won't tolerate anyone else telling  me how I should look. If someone wants to lose weight because of fashion world clichés then it's wrong. It is silly and barbaric to criticize someone for their dress size whether fat or skinny. 
If the shoe fits wear it!