Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!with full video coverage!

I don't know about you but this is the highlight of my year!I've been expecting it all year long and I loved it! Here's a bit of what you missed if you didn't see it ! I'm so excited, it was amazing!Each year they manage to do something more to make me want to buy everything! Well the truth is that even without the fashion show this brand has lovely designs and the only drawback is that they don't have stores outside of US and Canada. I want VS in Greece and I'm sure you all feel the same way about your countries! Enough about my babbling let's go to the goods and prepare for a serious fall of your self-esteem (mine went down the sink...).

Ladies and gents WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS!

-Oooh lalaaa!
Adriana Lima welcomes us to the  Big Top in a Dutches Satin Ringleader gown featuring Swarovski elements. The bullion style hand embroidery on this look took artisans 3 months to complete
Love it.WANT IT!
Candice Swanepoel's Tight Rope Walker Wings are made from hand-dyed feathers and come to life with swarovski elements

I still don't like her as a VS model...
Don't take your eyes of Karlie Kloss.Her automated Moving Target wings were meticulously hand-painted.It took 5 designers to create these wings!
Pink lace!Dreamy exciting!
All of the pom poms on Doutzen Kroes' Pink Poodle Shrug and Garter Belt were tied by hand.
Reminds me of Poison Ivy Cosplay.
Miranda Kerr's luxurious Trapeze Artist Corset and Cape are made of velvet,embellished with Swarovski Elements.
Want that Garter belt!
The playful dots and details on Toni Garrn's corset and blouse were hand painted onto the garment.
Erin Heatherton's glowing Circus Sign Wings are electrifying. All working elements were created in Paris.
Ok that is stunning!
Four months and over 800 Swarovski Elements went into the creation of Izabel Goulart's body jewellery.
Barbara Fialho's colorful, hand-painted Harlequin Cat Suit was made specifically for her body.

Well if I had that corset I would wear it outside of my clothes.
Alessandra Ambrosio's amazing Jewelled Corset and Headpiece were hand-crafted in Paris and feature Swarovski elements.

Wow she's gorgeous...

Liu Wen's gorgeous beaded Tattoo Lade body jewellery feather bustle and all feature Swarovski Elements. The design was inspired by the 20's and 30's.This realistic tattoo took over 6 hours to apply and 2 hours to remove.

Wild thing. Love it!
Joan Smalls is anything but tame in a custom-painted silk velvet Tiger Jacket.This sizzling look is ablaze with Swarovski Elements and the Ring of Fire Wings were hand-made in Las Vegas.

And the video!

It's all about seduction....

Such pretty wings!
Behati Prinsloo opens this section in a Victorian corset that sparkles with Swarovski Elements. Behati's gold-framed wings were created using individually hand dyed feathers
Fabric and colour reminds me of Bella's dress from Beauty and the Beast...Am I the only one?
Lily Donaldson's Silk Taffeta Cape was created entirely in France, inspired by a de-constructed 18th century gown

Aww so cutee!!!
Constance Jablonski's gorgeous Silk Brocade Corset dazzles with Swarovski Elements and the feathers in her wings were individually hand-dyed.Constance is wearing some of the largest-and lightest-wings in the show.
Miranda Kerr wears a Silk Plastron Corset, entirely fabricated from vintage Parisian lace.

Shanina Shaik wears wings made entirely of hand-dyed feathers. Her dazzling corset was crafted using vintage Parisian crystals and Swarovski Elements.
Magdalena Frackowiak's gown was inspired by 18th century fashions.Over 30 yards of fabric were used to create the dramatic train.
My boyfriend would drool over this piece of clothing!
Isabeli Fontana's Silk Satin Wings were inspired by a de-constructed hoop skirt. Her bodice is made of Duchess Satin.
This sexy-meets-dandy look was inspired by Victorian-era fashions and de-constructed menswear.
Don't know if you noticed but I like everything :p And this would be perfect for a bride...
Sui He wears a hand-beaded Silk Tulle Gown and a hand-made Feather Headpiece. Her Victorian-Inspired gown is embellished with Swarovski Elements.

Doutzen Kroes wears a de-constructed Cage Corset, inspired by Victorian-Era silhouettes and features Swarovski Elements,Every feather in this ensemble was hand-curled.
And the video with Rihanna!

All year long with the CALENDAR GIRLS!

Erin Heatherton was supposed to wear a custom Top Hat, made completely by hand. It didn't make it down the runway.

Dear bf can this be my Valentine's present???
Candice Swanepoel wears a headpiece crafted from Duchess Satin.
Hilary Rhoda channels the look of the Irish in a Donelga Tweed Bodice and Felt Boiler. Her jacket was woven in Ireland.
Under my umbrella....
Cameron Russel makes a splash in a patent leather Rain Slicker, Rain Cap and Boots. She holds a Custom Brolly, made especially for the show.
Frida Gustavsson carries a custom Maypole and wears a Woven Ribbon Waist Cincher. Over 300 yards of ribbon were used to create this look.
This could also be perfect for a bride!
Linsday Ellingson wears a Silk Tulle Veil. The flowers used were purchased from a local Manhattan flower shop.
Lily Aldridge's Firecracker Wings controlled two real canons at the end of the runway that fire confetti. Her skirt was hand-painted.
Her body and only hers. I wouldn't wear it. Doesn't suit me!
Barbara Fialho wears a Custom Knit Sun Hat and Bathing Suit. The suit was created specifically for her body.

Izabel Goulart's Pom-Poms were created by hand specifically for the show, then fashioned into wings in Las Vegas.

That promises a naughty Halloween...
Behati Prinslow wears a Hand-Painted Charmeuse Witch Cape, Silk Bodice, and completely Custom-Made Hat. Her broom was also designed especially for the show.
Santa baby.... 
Barbara Palvin wears the lightest wings in the show. Made of velvet, they weight in at just 1.5 lbs. Her leather dress has a hand-knit skirt, embellished with Swarovski Elements.

Take a look at this segment!With Bruno Mars!

Made of fairy tale matter! 

Ding Ding! Australian born Jessica's playful look was custom-painted and inspired by Thierry Mugler.
Show your stripes! Ieva's outfit was hand-knitted and two months to create.

Dorothea's whimsical ensemble was made with Tinker toys purchased in New York City.

Spot on! This wild one of a kind fabric was created especially for Shu Pei's cat suit.

Safety first! Our sweet-as-suger candy striper Cara was to roller-stake down the runway until an overshoot during rehearsals saw a swift change in plans.
Our catwalk-cute cowgirl Sharma is rocking over 15ft of rope (to lasso the Biebs, perhaps?)

Super cute ensemble! 
This glam toy soldier ensemble features real gold buttons!

Alice in Wonderland!!! 
Maud's making her PINK runway début in Trompe l'oeil paper doll dress that was entirely hand sculptured.

You have to see the video for this one!Awesome moves girl! 
Jourdan spent most of her rehearsal time perfecting those end-of-the-runway robot moves!

Please ignore Justin's vocals. He must have been amazed by all those gorgeous girls and couldn't sing.


I will not comment on this  blinky segment of the show. It is classy and throughout amazing! I loved every piece of it and I want them all! (boyfriends keep notes your girls will definitely love them and will look awesome!)
Lindsay Ellingson wears the dramatic Phoenix Deco Wings, which are the largest in this year's show. Her detailed, beaded corset shimmers with Swarovski Elements.
Sui He wears a decadent Deco Gown, boasting the most Swarovski Elements of any look in the history of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Doutzen Kroes shines in a look inspired by a vintage Cartier necklace containing over $25 million in diamond: The Maharaja of Patalia, 1928. Swarovski Elements bring this look to life.
Hilary Rhoda's Tissue Lame Gown features a painted Deco Motif, done entirely by hand. The look sparkles with Swarovski Elements.
Bregje Heinen's Parisian-born look features a Showgirl Bustier. The feathers were sculpted to her body.

Cameron Russel dazzles in a Beaded Deco Gown to celebrate the ten year-long partnership between Swarovski and Victoria's Secret.

Joan Smalls wears a luxurious Hammered Satin Palm Motif Gown, embellished with Swarovski Elements and vintage crystals. The design is completely hand-painted.

Magdalena Frackowiak's Hollywood Art Deco Wings were painstakingly crafted over 3 months!
Lily Donaldson wears a Hand-Beaded velvet Gown, shimmering with Swarovski Elements.

Miranda Kerr wears some of the largest and most stunning wings in the show, though these Deco Jewelled Feather Fan Wings are nearly weightless. This dramatic look is embellished with Swarovski Elements.
And the video (sorry this is the best I could find)

If you are done and got your sight back from all the jewels and blink let's go to the last segment of this year's show!

Oh my...Them shoes!They look like they are walking on nothing with them on :O

Really these are some breathtaking wings. 
Candice Swanepoel opens the segment with Silk Floral Lilac Wings. Over 5000 hand-painted petals were used to create this ethereal look.
Shanina Shaik wears a sculpted Lily Body Piece. This hand-sculpted look of art took over 4months to create.
OMG this is an amazing design...Congrats to those guys! 
Alessandra Ambrosio wears the $2.5 MILION FLORAL FANTASY BRA, created exclusively for Victoria's Secret by London Jewellers. Gorgeous Orchid Wings provide the framework for this stunning ensemble.
Pink and silk <3 
Jasmine Tookers wears a Floral Ball Skirt and holds a custom Lily Pad Parasol. All elements of the ensemble were hand-painted.
Isabeli Fontana holds a Chrysanthemum Parasol with Leaf Shrug. This luxurious silken shrug was originally mush longer and was cut shorter before the show. it! 
Adriana Lima smoulders in a Rose Petal Shrug with Leaf Bustle. Each individual petal was hand-painted.

I like this one even more! 
Lily Aldridge was the inspiration for this Tiger Lily Skirt with Lily Pad Wings. The shimmering crystals in this look were applied by hand.
Karlie Kloss is radiant in Trumpet Flower Vine Wings and matching Leaf Bustle. This look features custom jewel work and is embellished with Swarovski Elements.
Behati Prinsloo wears her favourite outfit in this year's show, a Silk Leaf Corset with Iris Petal Wings.

Constance Jablonski wears a Yellow Rose Bustier. Her corset was made entirely by hand in Paris.

Toni Garrn Closes the show in radiant Poppy Wings and Corset. The most voluminous wings in this year's show.

And the final video with Rihanna killing the runway! (and Bieber staring at her :p )

 If you think that nothing happens in the well calculated shows you are wrong. It was not just Erin's Hat that didn't make it in the runway.... as written on Business Insider

  • The show's "Circus" opener included performers from the NYC company AntiGravity. One of the men was doing tricks with a hoop and appeared to hit his head. He made a face when it happened, but thinking he was joking, many people in the audience laughed. But then he started bleeding profusely and ran off the stage. A spokesperson told us the performer, Nate Crawford, was fine and "went on to perform the next show."

  • Rihanna was wearing a long, flowing cape and tripped slightly during her performance of "Diamonds In The Sky." But like a true professional, she played it off and even managed to walk backwards in the difficult ensemble.
  • When Justin Bieber got onstage, he got more screams than the other performers, Rihanna and Bruno Mars, even though the audience was composed of adults. Women continued to scream throughout his set.
  • Many women in the audience wore sequined cocktail dresses, but because of the nasty nor'easter in New York, also wore boots instead of heels.
  • Adriana Lima began dancing with Rihanna during the closer on the runway.
  • It may not be clear on TV, but the light fixtures in the audience changed for each section of the show. There were lanterns for the "Angels In Bloom" portion and silver stars for the "screen sirens" part.  
  • At the end of the show, all of the models stormed the stage. Huge, star-shaped balloons poured down from the ceiling, which the models kicked into the audience. Many audience members kept the balloons.

  •  Also  picture you won't find in the VS site:
    Why was Miss Thanks Giving left out of the Calendar...? Because some people thought it was controversial...Well it's just me but in a country that actually celebrates thanksgiving it's kinda ironic don't you think? Well VS and Kloss both apologised and removed that outfit from the TV show broadcast.
    "We are sorry that the Native American headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals. We sincerely apologize as we absolutely had no intention to offend anyone. Out of respect, we will not be including the outfit in any broadcast, marketing materials nor in any other way. "

    (Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)


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