It's snowing in Athens...

and I don't know what to wear to get out!I have a lesson to assist to today! The thing is when I woke up and saw it was snowing I went to the roof to take some photos (yes with my messed-up camera)!

Well here is the other thing!How not to over-layer yourself when it is snowing like that?(yeah I know there are places were snow is 2ft but I don't care I live in Athens and that's enough cold for me!) Well you can't really avoid it but you can avoid looking like a whale! I wear the thickest tights underneath  my pants and a body with long sleeves underneath my blouse! That keeps me warm enough to walk and even go shopping (although it's not that practical to wear layers when shopping ). Here it is! It stopped snowing though and I was hoping for snow pics!!! See I don't look like I just gained 5 kilos! Well I did gain them during holidays but oh well... BTW I love this blouse it's so sweet and fluffy!


  1. Anna,

    You outfit look warm and very comfortable. I like your pictures. Great job.


  2. What wonderful photographs of a snow fall in Athens. I think you picked the perfect outfit to be both warm and stylish.

    Susan Cooper BHB :-)

    1. I love the snow thank you!I only wish I could take a couple more with actual snow.(on the other hand it's better that it didn't for the homeless)

  3. Awwww! Snow! I miss winter.

    Your hair is lovely. How I'd love to have that color.