A day in paradise: Hydra (and giveaway results)

Hello loves! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves as much as I do! I haven’t posted anything for so long and I missed it! But I had this amazing day that I just HAD to share with you!! But first things first!  CONGRATS to the winners which are *drumroll*
 ~Patricia Justino
~Maria Morfopoulou
~Eleftheria Sxiza- Kozanidou
~Κατερίνα Σώρρα
~Tasos Papadopoulos
~Bianca Rogoveanu
And the lucky one who gets the glasses is: 
~Laura De Vita!!!!!
Thank you all for participating!

Now to my too long to read post that you must read because it's awesome. I had the most amazing day at Hydra! A small Greek island with a lot of history, amazing beaches and hot guys wherever you turn (well…they walk around ripped and shirtless what a girl’s got to do?).  I was so excited to go there I forgot my camera! But my Samsung Galaxy S4 was my rescue. It has an amazing camera…I actually managed to finish the battery in a day from all the pictures and videos. I am so proud of me, it usually lasts up to 2 days. Enough about my tech-crush , back to the island.

Me, my Daddy and my little brother (well not so little anymore) in the boat to take us to Hydra.

Hydra is the perfect destination if you want both to relax and party. With no cars on the island the only way to get around is with donkeys, horses, or your feet. So make sure to carry flats and comfortable shoes (and flip flops of course) if you ever are to visit any Greek island.

But it is small so a little exercise doesn’t hurt, unless like me you forget your sunblock and hat somewhere… I got back with mild sunburn on my shoulders but totally worth it!

 Paradiso Guest houses have the best décor ever!They are so stylish and clean and comfy! It's like my dream house got a physical form! That’s where we went to freshen up and take a bath before leaving the island.  See???


Oh, and an awesome view from the balcony! I am so coming back as soon as I can!!!Actually scratch that. I will find 4 days in September and go!

Other than that I spent the entire day in my swimsuit and on the 2 best beaches of the island! Not that there are really places that are not gorgeously breathtaking there.

Another way to get around fast is with a speed boat. You see my brother who insisted on staying there for the trip…it was fun watching him trying to hold on and bumping as the boat went up and down on the waves :p
Beach No1!Mandraki beach. 

The waters deep, crystal clear and somewhat cold. Family place mostly, we stayed and had lunch there and then me and my brother left for the next beach. Not really a beach but one of the popular places to swim, eat and drink for the younger crowd.
Beach No2! Called Spilia  

This is the view from the sunbed I was on. Open the full image to get an idea. I couldn’t stop smilling…

Luxurious yachts come and go all the time from various countries. 
  And this is were we dive from. Or would dive if it wasn't for my swimsuit that just won't stay in place! My brother enjoyed the cliff while I was trying my galaxy S4 camera until I joined him. Well...no need for words... these are perfectly captured images. And gifs too!!!

Well all in all it was AMAZING!!!! I am just sorry it ended!

I edited all my pictures on the #GalaxyS4. Truth to be told the majority is unedited. The pictures it takes are stunning and there is no need for colour correction or contrast/brightness touch ups. I mean just look at the sunset!!

Until next time have FUN!Enjoy the rest of the summer until real life catches up to us!What have you been up to so far?!?!?!


  1. What a beautiful Island! I'm glad you had such a fab time =)

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks! It's dreamy there really!I just hope I did it justice with the photos!

  2. Great photos and beautiful island!!


  3. Ti uperoxes photos!!!!Den exw paei pote stin Ydra alla thelw polu na paw! :)

    1. Ti se stamataei kale? kai monohmerh pas ( analoga pou meneis)! Kai pragmatika 3efeugeis teleiws apo thn pragmatikothta.