Online shopping/shop of choice Persunmall

We all make wishlists and shopping lists from stores, especially when we are bored. My exams finished so all I have been doing is browse on the internet or start new series. So this is another list that doesn't have to do much with the trends, but with things I would like to have in my wardrobe from PersunMall. It's not cold enough in Greece yet (we can still walk around with tank tops and shorts) so I'm just planning ahead (daydreaming/killing time)
Lets start with jackets. I like stylish,fitted blazers and leather jackets. They both can give a whole new accent to a plain outfit like jeans and a shirt or a dress. Lucky me, leather-rock-punk is still in. My picks:

Old style blazer (comes in white and black)
Boyfriend blazer (cream, white, black, peach, blue)

Motor leather jacket

Diamond Checked Leather Jacket
Now who doesn't like a comfy, hot, soft sweater? If you say you don't you are obviously lying! I mean, what better than to cuddle on the sofa with a cup of tea/chocolate/coffee/whatever while in a soft sweater? Unless you can cuddle with your boyfriend. Then I agree you don't need a sweater.  
Retro purple sweater
Retro knit sweater (burgundy,orange,navy blue, green)

Although, I think that, my boyfriend would looove to see me in this.-> It's a sexy sweater :p

Well that's it really.Sweaters are my weakness and a winter must have no matter what. We can't always walk around in high heels and sheer tops. Also please don't take example from the ladies in the pictures. Sweater are not to be work with shorts.No excuse ladies!! 
So what do you think about my picks this time? Is there something you always want to have in your wardrobe no matter what the fashion says? If you have a similar wishlist feel free to leave the link with your comment!