Summer is NOT OVER YET!/Spark jewelry

Hello loves!It's been a while! I am back from vacations, it's September and summer is supposed to be over...right? NO!I refuse to let go of the sun yet! One of the advantages of living in Greece is that summer gets extended until November at least. Yeaeeee!!! Unfortunately it is exams period so even if we have sun and beaches, I can't enjoy them :( .On another note, it was just announced that Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam take the leads on 50 Shades of Grey. He is so freaking HOT portraying Jax Teller, I doubt he'll have a problem with CG!!! I was one of them rooting for Ian, but after seeing this choice, I am perfectly pleased!

That was the intro.Back to me (it is called spotlights on the Redhead after all). I got back from my vacations to find a lovely package on my mail! The pendant I so adored from the first sight (cause it's so me) from SPARK jewelry! You can find a lot of cool stuff there and the prices are way low! Actually I will definitely be posting about them again!They just opened but they have a site, prices and stylish pieces that can compete with the "big brands"! If you don't believe me just see for yourselves and tell me!

Necklace:Spark Jewelry
Jeans:Suite Blanco

 Having fun.Well this was not supposed to go up because it was me almost falling...But I actually like it cause it's not stiff (and I look cute).