Xclusive make up rehearsal:Mitrovgenis Konstantinos

Like I said on twitter,instagram and facebook, I was lucky to be selected to cover the make up  rehearsal for one of the designers. So I took my white SAMSUNG GALAXY Camera <3 and went! The sponsor for this AXDW is Sephora and the products used were Make Up For Ever! My appointed designer was Konstantinos Mitrovgenis. He has participated 4 times in the Athens Xclusive Designers Week (AXDW) and he won the Best New Designer award and Best Catwalk at 2010 with his collection Metamorphosis Reloaded at 2010.Since then he has been very active by dressing famous Greek artists and participating in global fashion competitions (and winning some of them too!). You can see some of his past collections here. But that is the past let's talk about present!
This time he will be presenting his first swimsuit collection! Now I am a simple girl when it comes to swimsuits, no frills, no patterns etc. But I had a sneek peak in his collection and I would definitely wear them! I am not going to give you any specifics yet because both the swimsuits and the accessories the models will be wearing are a secret/surprise until the catwalk, so some of the pictures I took yesterday will be displayed alongside the catwalk photos from the actual day. Excuse my very very close-up photos but like I said, accessories and swimsuits are a secret so I had to edit and cut everything but the model's face.No touch ups there though.
The makeup artist was Freddy Kalobratsos, not a random make-up artist. He founded the top Greek makeup school Freddy Makeup Stage and his students are successful makeup artists all over the world. His passion for creation and creativity were obvious from the moment he started talking with the designer. His suggestions were inspiring and the final result was unique! You will see the pictures!

Here are the designer Konstantinos Mitrovgenis and the master of make up Freddy Kalobratsos discussing the possibilities and ideas!

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis and Freddy Kalobratsos discussing the makeupKonstantinos Mitrovgenis and Freddy Kalobratsos discussing the makeup

After listening Kontantinos' ideas he started working on the model Nafsika  Panagiotakopoulou, gorgeous girl, professional and really really sweet.

After applying some base and fixing the eyebrows, they put the accessories on the model and here is when the fun begun. The designer suggested bold, colourful eyes and different lipstick for every girl. Freddy suggested lines that remind sea waves and the colours. This was the first try.

And then the inspiration! Freddy came up with a unique concept. These girls will be wearing swimsuits so the theme had to be liquid. But none of us goes to the beach with that much makeup on (and if you do you shouldn't). So he rushed to the Make Up For Ever stand and picked what he had in mind. I for once was thrilled to see something simple, liquid and runway ready! He contoured the eyes and cheeks and used clear lipgloss and silver liquid eyeshadow to create water effects on the face. Completing with a simple purple eyeliner and the same peach lipstick it was as if Nafsika had just emerged from the water! We are used in seeing heavy makeup for swimsuit models and this is a fresh stop to that. A clever concept that really stands out from the ordinary. As Freddy said:"We created fashion!People will want to copy this!". After seeing the result it was a unanimous agreement that this was the final runway makeup! I'll leave you to the pictures now. I have put in photos from different angles so that you can see what I'm talking about. No matter where Nafsika turned her makeup captured and mirrored the light perfectly!
Konstantinos Mitrovgenis capturing the result with his Galaxy S4

In natural light.You can see the purple eye-liner better.

Through the mirror
All in all it was a magnificent experience for me. It is amazing to be able to see professionals at work for such a project. The team was fun and helpful!
Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, Freddy Kalobratsos, Nafsika Panagiotakopoulou.

Amalia Konstantakopoulou, Antonis Spathas, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, Freddy Kalobratsos, Nafsika Panagiotakopoulou.
The whole team!Amalia Konstantakopoulou, Antonis Spathas, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, Freddy Kalobratsos, Nafsika Panagiotakopoulou.
Athens Xclusive Designers Week
Konstantinos Mitrovgenis
Freddy Makeup Stage


  1. Beautiful.... I have always wanted a well known make up artist do my face...just to see how they could transform me ;-)

    1. Me too! Well I had makeup artists work on me 2 times but nothing like what Freddy did with the model!

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  3. Wow!!! you sure is very lucky and the end looks is amazing. Love this :)

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