Gift time! Giveaway with OASAP!

I promised you giveaways and here is the first one! And the theme is... STRIPES! Get one of these must-haves for free, courtesy of OASAP! (starts at 30/09 00:00 GMT+2)

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 Choose and win one of these items:

I am torn between the Loose Shirt and the Knit Skirt as favourites! But as always the choice is yours! I hope you like this gift and whoever gets it, please let me know if you like it/fits etc!It is really important that you are as satisfied as I am with their products and no error was done.
PS: For this competition to be valid it needs to have 50+ participants so share it with your friends and relatives! Besides, if they win they can give you the gift ;) Read terms and conditions!