What to get for: Introducing the series

Hello beautiful people! It is almost the holidays and I'm sure all of you are running around trying to figure out what to get for your loved ones! I, for sure, have NO idea and since I absolutely suck at gifts most of the time, I asked for help. Three awesome bloggers I admire will be sharing their favourite gifts to get to people with similar interests. Boyfriends and girlfriends start taking notes we're here to save you (and me)!

  • Gamers: What do you get for those of us who like games? Here to answer this question is Elle.
Hey, I'm Elle I've been blogging for nearly 6 years now at "ElleXMay" and enjoy writing about everything from my life to tech and gaming, I love photography, reading and of course playing games and love to create my own art. Gaming has opened my eyes to a lot of things such as how restricting it can be for disabled gamers and how a change in the gaming world needs to happen so everyone can enjoy gaming, I hope to see some kind of change in the coming years but until then I want to try to use my platform to talk more about disability and gaming.

  •  Fashion Icons: Shay's killer style and upfront attitude made her the first that came to mind to help with this question. 
Hey all, I'm Shay blogger at "Dear Humans With Love". I like to call it a relatable lifestyle blog, over there I can be found moaning about relationships, given unsolicited advice, showing off my outfits and other London life type stuff. I've been blogging for over a year now and have had a passion for personal style ever since my mum let me dress myself.

  • The movie/series buff. You can spot us from the dark circles because of "one more episode/movie".And Amanda is the girl to ask if you are iffy about a movie or if you don't know what to get to another fan.
My name is Amanda and I blog over at "Curly Sue Review". I cover lifestyle and chronic illness topics. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and my aim is to provide helpful posts so people don’t feel alone as they journey through diagnosis and treatment. I am a huge movie and animation fan so I’m eager to help you with a gift guide for all the Disney fans in your life.
Which article are you most excited to read? Is there any person in your life you don't know what to get to? If you are already finished with your shopping, what did you get for your loved ones?