What to get for: The Gamer

As a gamer I love any presents that are gaming related, often people ask what they should get me for Christmas or my birthday as they aren't into gaming or tech and would rather get me something I like, I've put together 8 gifts that even I would love, not every gamer is the same so I have chosen a variety of things.

1. D is for destiny

I love Destiny and although the games are touch and go with others the merch for Destiny is so cool and this book is one of them. The reason I like this book so much is that it doesn't have just one kind of artwork in it, it has a variety. Although this is listed as a kids A-Z book a lot of Destiny fans will appreciate the fact that Bungie writers and artists put this book together, it's the perfect gift for a Destiny lovers collection, you can buy the hardback copy for £11.34.

2. Aloy pop vinyl

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most successful games of this year, not only is it beautiful but it has a wonderful story and the gameplay is fun. I've been waiting for this pop vinyl to come out for a few months now and it's top of my Christmas list, this pop vinyl is the hunter and archer Aloy. I initially thought that the Pop Vinyl for Horizon Zero Dawn would be a lot more money because of how popular the game is but it's around £10 which is cheap for a pop Vinyl.

3. BB8 Lego Figurine

Hands up if you love both Lego and Starwars (me!!) at the price of £84.99 you can make your very own lego BB8, it comes with over 1,100 pieces so may keep you busy for a bit the BB8 itself doesn't roll I think it's more for display purposes but it's still a really cool Star Wars lovers gift this Christmas.

4. Game boy colour phone case

Pokemon seems to have come back with a big bang, everywhere I look these days I see a Pokemon related product but I ain't mad about it! My partner loves the Pokemon games and the old school Game boy colour so I kind of took inspiration from him for this gift, from the Phone Defenders on Etsy, they have a list of phones which you can choose from for their phone cases and at £5.45 it's a perfect gift for someone on a tight budget.

5. 3DS Case

I own a 3DS and I don't have a case for it, I have been meaning to get one for ages but I never got around to getting one, within this case you are able to hold up to 6 games on the inside f the top lid and fit your 3DS on the bottom half. The case is retro so for those retro players who own a 3DS, they will be more than happy with one of these. This is another affordable present at only £14.99, I know how hard Christmas can be when you are on a tight budget.

6. Sims 4

I have been waiting for ages for this game to come out and by ages I mean years, my sister owns the PC version of this game and is forever showing me all the creative things she does on it. I actually got my copy as an early Christmas present from my partner James and plan on doing a review on my blog on it once I've played it a bit more. As a Sims over myself, I opted for this on PS4 as I play the PS4 more than anything and for those Sim lovers who don't own a PC they can now play it on Xbox One or PS4 instead.

7. Steam controller

I recently started using my Steam account again and I hate using a keyboard to game, I don't care if that makes me any less of a gamer in peoples eyes I just prefer to use a controller, right now I have my PS4 controller hooked up to use steam but I would love to get my hands on a steam official controller by valve, it looks much more comfortable and I like the button layout, it's £59.99 so the typical price a console controller usually is.

8. Venom Xbox One docking station

I use two controllers for my PS4 and whilst I use one the other is either on charge or sits on it's charging stand, If I owned an Xbox One I would definitely choose the Venom Xbox One docking station, a few of my friends have recommended this charger due to the fact that it's not only affordable at £15.99 but there is no messing about trying to put it in that charging stand you just place it on top and it charges and comes with two spare battery packs for your Xbox One controllers.

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