You all know (or should know) that the new collaboration of H&M is with Maison Martin Margiela! If you liked my facebook page you would also know that I was there for the press preview of the collection!
All thanks to the lovely blog Pretty n yummy! So I took my best friend (blogger also), closed an appointment for make-up and picked out the clothes! (Note to self: never let another make-up artist put terracotta on my face.Never! I am white and I like it!)

Remember those awesome boots from Zara? Well they are mine!!!

But I'll leave you to the photos now!

The store:

The main event started with the singer Tamta (search on youtube for more) with an amazing performance as always!She was dressed with pieces from the new collection!

Now about the clothes.... Totally original, unpredictable shapes,new ways to wear them! This collection came to make a splash and shatter all that we took for granted!
This collection is meant to amaze and make people stare! I wanted to try everything on but...well you can see what happened as soon as they lifted the covers!

And Tamta loving the boots she got!

What I loved from the collection!

I know you'll say it's like a disco ball and that was my first reaction too. But keep an open mind cause this is art and like I said it's meant to wow!

What?It awesome!And it looks good on me ;)

This dress....I have nothing to say....I love it!

I find it funny and lovely and absolutely stylish!

And off course the item EVERYONE has been obsessing over! THE SHOES WITH THE INVISIBLE HEELS!
Available also in red! You can find boots with the same heel as well!

This isn't just fashion this is art. If you were looking for a way to express yourself in what you wear this collection has something for you!

Photos by my dear friend blogger Sofie(Your princess is in another castle)

Maison Martin Margiela

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You all know (or should know) that the new collaboration of H&M is with Maison Martin Margiela! If you liked my  facebook page you wou...
I thought to show you my very favourite leather jacket! I was waiting the whole summer so that I could wear it! (yeah it's a last year's piece). 
Please ignore the fact that my camera sucks!
Wearing the leather jacket a see-through T-shirt, black skinny trousers and pumps.

Jacket from Zara.
Trousers from Blanco (you can still find them and they are awesome!).
T-shirt (old mother's believe it or not!)
Pumps from a local shop.

In other news...I went for a trim and the hair-dresser understood wrong (obviously) and took 10cm off my hair!!!! I spent a day crying...Now, I just want to get a purple streak and dye them again cause all the red is gone! (they are edited in the pictures). :(((

(Disclaimer:I do own all of the photos in this post and I do claim them to be mine)

Talking about leather!

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I thought to show you my very favourite leather jacket! I was waiting the whole summer so that I could wear it! (yeah it's a last year&...
(All work and no play... sorry it took me this long my RL caught up with me :p )

Again this year we have LEATHER! Who didn't expect that??? Similar with last year's trend designer's won't let us get rid of the rock style! And we LOVE IT! Why? Cause black leather adds attitude and is undoubtedly what can make one simple casual look into sexy, rock, stunning! Whether rock or dominatrix there are pieces for everyone out there.Even if you maintain a low profile or high class style add a little edge with plain black or patent leather. Lanvin, Mulberry, Fendi,Giles, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta and Jean Paul Gaultier are just a few who approve of this trend.

H&M: Loving these leggings and these jackets (1+2)!

Well...You get the picture. These are the pieces you can add to your day to day outfit. If you want something more try a dress!The awesome about this season are the accessories!Bags with studs, long leather gloves (or short), leather belts with studs and bracelets cuffs.

I love accessories (who doesn't)! My weaknesses are shoes and bracelets/earrings/necklaces!

For example:


I want them all...seriously I might have no money in my purse but whenever I go out I will definitely buy at least one small accessory to fool my shopping urges. (Don't we all??)

(Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)

(Skirt by Zara)

Before I move on with the leather fashion trend (yes, that's what's coming up) let me introduce you myself in a small post!(I don't want to bore you).

I'm a 21yo university student studying Digital Systems.I love music, singing, make-up and nail-art. I used to suck at being dressed right. Honestly no fashion sense! Obviously I got better at it :p ( I think...)
I'm not rich nor am I poor. I'm just another average girl with internet connection and big dreams. I was bullied,I bullied (I regret it) and I have issues and insecurities like the next girl.The pieces I pick out of every trend are things I would wear and buy. (That's why I won't write about fur even though it's a big trend as well. I hate fur...).
My favourite latest items: 
 Bourjois 3D lip gloss-Nivea colour passion by Chantal Thomas-Clarins Rouge Prodige-H&M lip gloss
I really wish I could still find the Nivea lipstick.... I swear I love red on the lips but now I adore the darker shades that's been introduced!

And my latest buy! This necklace by H&M. The last one left at the store <3


What I want to achieve by making this blog? Connect with others that have a similar story to share. Truth is fashion isn't just what we see in magazines. Fashion is the people. Fashion is the small necklace we love and wear everyday and the dress we bought even though we have no-where to wear it (yes I've done it....)

I would love to see answers and images and comments from you!

XoXo my dear A-listers....

(Disclaimer:I do own all of the photos in this post and I do claim them to be mine)
We all know what this means and we've been expecting this look for a while. What with the new dark lips and the whole vamp make up look it is only natural that Goth would be trending again! There is something dark and elegant about this look which was chosen by Gucci,ValentinoJil Sander, Alberta Ferretti, Givenchy and others.

Where to find it?Everywhere!
TopShop! Their collection witching hour is exactly what you will need to take it to the edge of this trend.Pieces that stand out: these shoes <3 and this shirt. ( A bit expensive though :(  )

H&M: a lot of black and red pieces ready to be snatched and transform you into a fine gothic lady.My personal favourites: 
This top!why?Because it's awesome!See-through is totally this year's IT trend and with a long high-waist black(or burgundy) skirt it would be amazing!Combined with the dark red on your lips and black eye-liner it will be the perfect item for your closet.
Next on my list is this dress.Simple yet the exact meaning of the trend.Remember when we talk Goth it's mainly the accessories,shoes and make up that make the big difference.The clothes can be simple or heavy fabrics,lace etc.

 Next is an online shop called New Look:  
This skirt is silk (favourite fabric) and perfect for the see-through top.

Now this dress talks for itself no need to say something more....

What I love about this trend is that you can wear dresses like this one...Lace will always be IN! (ok maybe not always).

Remember that Goth has to do with more than just black clothing. If you want to wear this trend you have to accesorize properly and wear the appropriate make-up. Meaning?Go big on the dark lips and black eye-liner while being pale on the skin and try big black/lacy rings/necklaces/earrings etc.

(Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)