I think that explains why I haven't posted anything in a while. Exams really drain out your time so no going out for me! I am losing the sales! So... since my patience is running thin and I am getting impatient cause I'm constantly in, I thought I'd whine a bit about trends I really hate for various reasons.(Remember I am expresing my opinion and you are free to disagree with me)

1: sneaker wedges and hoof shoes.These, will NEVER be pretty or classy or anything you could wear and go out. They are ugly! I am so glad that I haven't seen anyone wearing them or I'd start screaming at them to look at a freaking mirror and realise it looks stupid!(as far as hoof shoes goes I was too damaged by what I saw to enter a picture here.look it up!)
 2: Bubble Necklaces in layers... As if it's not big enough on it's own girl you really have to wear layers of it? And for the record they were meant to be worn when nothing else stands out or it's too much! Bubble necklaces with big earings is a no-no! If you are to dear it better make it work for your advantage and not make you look like you are wearing your mama's jewelery and make up.
(for obvious reasons I will not post pictures of exambles )

3: Popped Collars.... Really guys Dracula called and asked for his style back...It was dead for a long time and it should have stayed that way! Boys:It just makes you look douchy and dumb ( especially when it's in freaking layers). Girls:I won't even begin to describe why that is wrong!SO DON'T!

4: Mixing Patterns. It's easy to get carried away and end up looking like a Photoshop accident. Say animal prints and stripes?Sequins and polka dots? I can keep doing this for ever I've seen enough photos like that! So please consider our eyes before we have to see another accident like that.

5: Too much of a good thing is not better it's worse. For example this:
(FYI the top is loose on her.actually it's big) See? It doesn't work! It is not cute or sweet or practical it's just too much. Same goes for arm parties! A few is ok but when your hand is filled with a variety of bracelets you are either selling them or playing dress up with your friends in the kindergarden! No excuses ladies it's just too much!

 6:Neon color mixing. As if neon by itself isn't bad enough having to see a walking paintball accident doesn't make it better. What.Were.You.Thinking?
-Hi.This is the best way to not get run over when going out at night.Wear everything that glows!All together!!! Taking the puking rainbows a bit too seriously, are we?
7: Copying celebrities and overdressing! Just cause someone famous did it doesn't mean it's right or stylish. We've seen a lot of exambles on the red carpet and other events but what happens when an ordinary person tries to copy a good look? It doesn't work. I don't want to be mean this time cause it is an understandable mistake but we are not celebrities, we do not walk on the red carpet, we have no reason to wear a gown on an everyday event. So don't! I am fed up with girls that appear like they had a wedding/awards/nominations/elections event. There can be fashion in simple, daily clothes. As much as I love haute coutour it's not for every day, girls! You don't have to look like you are always on high heels to be liked (and if you are doing it to be liked then stop).

8: This is my last. Animal prints and fur. I hate fur and that's a completely personal choice that has nothing to do with fashion (unless it's fury shoes.That's just WRONG!). I also rarely see someone being able to pull the animal print thing off so please dear designers and trend-setters save our eyes from further torture!

I am done venting for now. I can't wait to go out and have something to post again cause I am extremely bored!

(Inspired by a GOMI thread)
and I don't know what to wear to get out!I have a lesson to assist to today! The thing is when I woke up and saw it was snowing I went to the roof to take some photos (yes with my messed-up camera)!

Well here is the other thing!How not to over-layer yourself when it is snowing like that?(yeah I know there are places were snow is 2ft but I don't care I live in Athens and that's enough cold for me!) Well you can't really avoid it but you can avoid looking like a whale! I wear the thickest tights underneath  my pants and a body with long sleeves underneath my blouse! That keeps me warm enough to walk and even go shopping (although it's not that practical to wear layers when shopping ). Here it is! It stopped snowing though and I was hoping for snow pics!!! See I don't look like I just gained 5 kilos! Well I did gain them during holidays but oh well... BTW I love this blouse it's so sweet and fluffy!

It's snowing in Athens...

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and I don't know what to wear to get out!I have a lesson to assist to today! The thing is when I woke up and saw it was snowing I wen...
It's not what it looks like! I 've tried to be nice and not shop a lot but... oh who am I kidding? I love shopping!

So as the year ends I thought of what I've achieved this year and my aspirations for the new one. Well that was a looong list. In the end I think I should split myself in 3:my geek/programmer/student side,my fashion-lover side and my designer side. That's the only way for me to do all I want to do. Or if not then give me like 48 hours on 1 day.
Well the good news is after the holidays come the SALES! All the things we wanted but thought were overpriced (will still be overpriced but at least) now we'll get them! Any good pieces you have your eyes on? What are you waiting for? The worse part of sales is the sizes...you can never find your size. Oh no correction. the worse part is the crowd. First time I got in a shop during sales and saw the store upside down and a manic crowd searching every pile of clothes I was shocked! And the first time was last February.... I really don't know how I missed that for 20 whole years! It's not like I wasn't shopping during sales.
 But let's leave that behind. Sales or not Santa is coming (or came depending on your country). What will he bring to you? My Santa is on vacations this year :( but I'm getting my driver's licence and I got myself a lovely desktop and shoes and dresses and and and.... so who cares?

Oh wait isn't it tonight that we go out having fun and look all dazzling?  A dear friend of mine proposed an awesome make-up I die to try tonight! More photos here!

Well I've been doing the whole dark lips-vamp look all winter long and since I'll be eating and drinking and kissing people (for happy new year)  I think I should leave my lips to rest today. For the nails I did a dark red with (mirror) gold French so it also matches. Now all that's left is to decide the clothes (ain't that the hardest all the time?

I'll probably not post a photo of my look if I'm not oh but I'll be sleeping all day long tomorrow!

An ideal Christmas gift for special girls who have an opinion and want to stand out? A STATEMENT JEWELLERY!
What is Ninexmuse?Well it is an online paradise for handmade statement jewellery. As you know (or should know) a statement piece can change your whole outfit better than anything else and such pieces can be found anywhere. But it's not your average product.It has all the weird things I like, like dreamy pocket watch necklaces with many designs, or necklaces of cameras and ballerinas.I just LOVE IT!And you would think it's expensive because the work is so good but NO!Actually these are the cheapest handmade jewellery I found.Well, not the cheapest but given the quality and designs the prices are logical and low.I know what my birthday wishlist will be!
Take a look: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ninexmuse?ref=seller_info#

(PS:No I will not be paid for this in any way.I just thought to share my excitement with you)
(Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)

In love with NINEXMUSE

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An ideal Christmas gift for special girls who have an opinion and want to stand out? A STATEMENT JEWELLERY! What is  Ninexmuse ?Well it ...
How does the Athens Fashion Week community celebrates Christmas? They through a marvellous fashion party! Of course I couldn't miss it so I took my friend Sophie who is also a blogger (Your princess is in another castle) and went! Coincidently it was my name-day so I bailed on my family for this event but it was the best way to celebrate!I was with my best friend doing the thing I love (wearing high-heels, going out and having fun)!
 Gorgeous models walking on a long (very very long) catwalk, L'oreal hairstylists styling people from the crowd, a spa named Swan gave away gifts for the lucky winners and dancers and jogglers completed an amazing evening! I was tweeting photos all night while Sophie was taking pictures with her camera (what you see will be from her camera and not from my phone). We ended the night splitting a waffle and then eating Chinese chicken with caramel (don't judge they were calling our names...).

Celebrated my name-day with a fashion show <3
Here is the official video were you can get a quick idea of the whole evening and after follow the pictures!

Christmas Fashion Party!

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How does the Athens Fashion Week community celebrates Christmas? They through a marvellous fashion party! Of course I couldn't miss it...