I guess this year I have a thing for colors. I never really was a big fan of intense colors that stand out. Maybe it has to do with my self-esteem. Or maybe it's just a phase. Do you think it suits me?I was too sure about it cause my hair are red. I thought it would look more weird than it actually does. 

In other news I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I've been playing! A LOT! I love it and I can guess that most of you who follow me on twitter or instagram are a bit tired of it :p Well sorry! But you know how I get with new gadgets! And I have been complaining about my old phone non-stop so now that I have this marvelous one I can't put it down!!!

Also my boyfriend is coming home tomorrow for 4 days and I can't wait!He is currently in the army and I miss him like crazy! (No. Literally. I get so crazy when I miss him, ask my brother he'll confirm!)


Tell me your thoughts on this!
Until next time...

If this is a dream...

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I guess this year I have a thing for colors. I never really was a big fan of intense colors that stand out. Maybe it has to do...
Complete make-over of my blog. So what do you guys think about it?
For my first post in this new, well everything, I have to thank my bestie Sofi (Your princess is in another castle) for the photos. Just remind me next time to pick a remote spot cause it took us several laughs every time someone was passing and looking at us before we started shooting again. Not to mention there was audience from the balconies :p
I won't say anything else, I'll leave you to judge my outfit and my blog appearance!

Trousers: H&M find it here Remember my wishlist post? Well this is what I was talking about!I love it!!!
Shirt: H&M (transparent back and silk-effect front)
Bracelets: H&M

So...new favourite designer: Notis Panayiotou Seriously so far he is marvelous! Not to mention his opening. As you know (or should) Cyprus is in crisis as well as Greece. His opening was a brilliant dedication to those who suffer for the choices of others.

For the collection...What can I say?LOVED IT! The colors, the designs, the fabrics! From velvet to lace,red  to green and yellow and blue! Adored it! I want all of them! Strict lines inspired by the 40's on oposite with the impressive gowns!

Next up was Marks&Spencer. With spring summer for this year (why?!)...
But still.Cool combinations.

On our runway next was presented the line of Aslanis. I will let the clothes speak for themselves.
The night closed with a FAB line by the one and only Patricia Field! Mass-ups from Greek songs as a soundtrack and Greek flags on some clothes dedication to her Greek family roots.
 And some eye-candy for the ladies... ;)  oh come on I'm a girl I always appreciate good looking guys!!

That's it from day one! It was tiring but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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(If there was any problem with the videos please contact me via the form and tell me to fix it!!!)

You know how sometimes we do something far-fetched, random and never believe it will succeed? Well that was me when I applied for a press pass for this year's fashion week! Guess my surprise when I received an email saying I was accepted ( :O )!!!! But enough about me!
Athens/Greece is finally on the MAP! The event is sponsored my Mercedes-Benz and you all know that means we are among the best! So, this season 26 Greek and foreign designers will be presenting their collections for fall/winter 2013-2014.
Just some of the brands we will see: Patricia Field, Andreea Tincu, Angelos Frentzos, Aslanis,Celebrity Skin, Kathy Heyndels, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis(Best New Designer Award of the 10th AXDW), Laskaris, Marks & Spencer, Miltos, Notis Panayiotou, Panos Apergis, Ratt by Rita Attalla, Rita Pateroni!

Also competing for this year's New Designer Award :

Bold&Locked, Aida, Insomniac by Spiros Stefanoudakis, Polina Argyrou, Victoria S. by F. Erotokritos, Pamela Sietos, 180Degrees, LKC by Loukia Kyriakou, Manus Gabriil, Maria Tagalou, Nicolaos.    

Make up Sponsor: Make Up For Ever - Sephora

The schedule  
So assuming there will be wifi I will be posting photos from the runway on my instagram account ( @Little_miss_desire) and twitter account (@A_Listers_ ). Now all there's left is for me to find what to wear.... :p
It's already March but the weather doesn't seem to get it... Summer is around the corner and I crave for my good-weather clothes! So since I can't put on a dress and a jacket and go out I thought of daydreaming a bit. A wishlist for my closet's update (thought I've got to admit last summer's buys are more than perfect for this year as well :p )!!
I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Can't find a decent bag...like seriously I need a new bag people!!!! Something beige or brown or black please.Suggest something!
First of something you need to know about me: I've never in my life put on trousers other than solid black or jeans and I didn't dear to wear bright colours often so this is a biiiig change for me!
I actually bought this!

It's perfect for spring and goes with pretty much everything! Fell in love with it AND it covers the extra belly fat (personally need it...)!It's a perfect fit <3

find it here

Seriously I will build the rest of my buys around this piece...

For examble:

Early in the spring is kinda cold so this is a must have! and goes perfectly with the trousers above!

find it here

For when it's hot outside:

It comes in different colours and has a loose fit I love.

Find it here

Well...blue or green would be too dull with these trousers and yellow doesn't suit me (I hate it), so pink and orange it is!

On the other hand enough with the bright colours! Statement tops we love you! They can make any simple daily outfit into a rock daily outfit :p

Find it here

Find it here

Oh and in the midst of it all a dress. Because hey, you can never have enough dresses (or shoes, or bags, or make up items, or nail products...)

find it here

But what about shoes?!

find it here

Lovely aren't they????

find it here

I think that's all for now. I am generally disappointed by new arrivals in the stores... Don't know if I'm the weird or the quality and variety is low...


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It's already March but the weather doesn't seem to get it... Summer is around the corner and I crave for my good-weather clothes! S...