's my birthday today! Happy birthday self!! No, I'm not anxious about growing up it's just the "everything ends" part. You get to a point where you cherish the seconds you spend with someone and you wish you had more. Well, basically, I miss my boyfriend more than ever on this day...
Dear lord, when I get to heaven 
Please let me bring my man
When he comes tell me that you'll let him in 
Father tell me if you can
Oh that grace, oh that body
Oh that face makes me wanna party
He's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds 
      I will be celebrating with my best friend at a party organised by Cosmopolitan thought. My instagram and twitter will be giving you the scoop!

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

      It is my first time at that party and I can't wait to see how it's gonna be. A little oasis in the middle of my exams! I was promised manicures and cocktails!!
     Oh btw the lace shirt is one of the things I bought! By H&M. It's lovely!!! I also got a swimsuit from H&M...big mistake for my self-esteem...their numbers are waaay off. I normally need a medium-38 while this time for the top I needed 42!!!! I don't have 42 number chest. If I am a 42 then what are the girls who have a REAL 42 chest are gonna do?! People put more sizes in your stores not everyone is a 0!!!
Enough ranting I'll leave you to the outfit.

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

lace,white,top,shirt,blue,maxi,skirt,h&M,spotlights on the redhead,redhead

For a lot of reasons! First of all on the 21st it was my 5years anniversary with my boyfriend! It's been a long and troubled journey but we are finally where we always wanted to be. Unfortunately  he is currently on the army so we spent it apart but it's ok. We will make up for it when we are together again! Also we organized an amazing beach party for our uni and over over 700 people attended (!!!). It was LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!

This was our view for the whole night!
Truth to be told I am a house-cat. I don't get out much, I don't socialize like crazy and I am awkward sometimes when in public. As you can imagine, it was quite the experience for me to be helping to organize such an event with my absence of skills and experience. The fun part was I ended up bar-tending (like a boss) and talking to a lot of strangers which was...FUN! There was nothing "glamorous" about that night. It was just a lot of people having fun until it was morning (even though we are in the middle of the exams)! Of course I was sleeping for a whole day to rest sufficiently because I didn't get to sit at all and I returned home at 8.30!!!! This party has been going on for 6 years now but it was the first time I helped and stayed till the end. I usually left around 5 cause that when the public transportation start again.
Before the party all the "organizers" gathered at one house and helped carry the stuff to the cars. We were all hungry so we ordered and some of use stayed behind to carry the orders to the beach while the others prepped for the party, so we wouldn't miss any time! We ended up carrying a desk (!) all the way to the beach because...we found it and we could use a sturdy table.
My brother is the one on the right.I took him with even though he is younger so that he could have some fun.
After we put everything in order we started the music and the beach was soon crowded! At about 1 the party was officially on and everyone who was to come was here. We were sooo busy at the "bar" but we were working in total sync with the other guy who was helping me!
No this wasn't all we had.just the non-alcoholic here.You can see in the back more.
 I don't  have a lot of pictures yet but I don't think I'd be posting them here (what happened in the beach party will stay at the beach party lol).  That's all I wanted to say for now. I would love to read about how your days were so feel free to leave big comments or links. I will have an outfit post soon...Got some new things I want to show you!
All in all it was amazing. I saw my friends and made some new. It was an amazing experience I am sure to repeat next year! The most amazing was that there were people from other countries that just saw it on facebook and decided to come. It was awesome!!I love my university department. We are cool nerds <3
As Google reader will stop to exist from July 1st I'd like to take this opportunity and introduce you to another way of keeping in touch with me( and all your favorite blogs). Bloglovin'! It's really easy to use and a cool way to find new blogs to follow as well! Here is how not to lose all your favorite blogs!

First of click here: 

You should be seeing this

So, like you guessed, you just click the big blue button and you're ready!

This is how it looks when you click Home.This is your future feed!

Bye Bye GFC!!!!

I guess this year I have a thing for colors. I never really was a big fan of intense colors that stand out. Maybe it has to do with my self-esteem. Or maybe it's just a phase. Do you think it suits me?I was too sure about it cause my hair are red. I thought it would look more weird than it actually does. 

In other news I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I've been playing! A LOT! I love it and I can guess that most of you who follow me on twitter or instagram are a bit tired of it :p Well sorry! But you know how I get with new gadgets! And I have been complaining about my old phone non-stop so now that I have this marvelous one I can't put it down!!!

Also my boyfriend is coming home tomorrow for 4 days and I can't wait!He is currently in the army and I miss him like crazy! (No. Literally. I get so crazy when I miss him, ask my brother he'll confirm!)


Tell me your thoughts on this!
Until next time...

Complete make-over of my blog. So what do you guys think about it?
For my first post in this new, well everything, I have to thank my bestie Sofi (Your princess is in another castle) for the photos. Just remind me next time to pick a remote spot cause it took us several laughs every time someone was passing and looking at us before we started shooting again. Not to mention there was audience from the balconies :p
I won't say anything else, I'll leave you to judge my outfit and my blog appearance!

Trousers: H&M find it here Remember my wishlist post? Well this is what I was talking about!I love it!!!
Shirt: H&M (transparent back and silk-effect front)
Bracelets: H&M favourite designer: Notis Panayiotou Seriously so far he is marvelous! Not to mention his opening. As you know (or should) Cyprus is in crisis as well as Greece. His opening was a brilliant dedication to those who suffer for the choices of others.

For the collection...What can I say?LOVED IT! The colors, the designs, the fabrics! From velvet to lace,red  to green and yellow and blue! Adored it! I want all of them! Strict lines inspired by the 40's on oposite with the impressive gowns!

Next up was Marks&Spencer. With spring summer for this year (why?!)...
But still.Cool combinations.

On our runway next was presented the line of Aslanis. I will let the clothes speak for themselves.
The night closed with a FAB line by the one and only Patricia Field! Mass-ups from Greek songs as a soundtrack and Greek flags on some clothes dedication to her Greek family roots.
 And some eye-candy for the ladies... ;)  oh come on I'm a girl I always appreciate good looking guys!!

That's it from day one! It was tiring but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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