We all make wishlists and shopping lists from stores, especially when we are bored. My exams finished so all I have been doing is browse on the internet or start new series. So this is another list that doesn't have to do much with the trends, but with things I would like to have in my wardrobe from PersunMall. It's not cold enough in Greece yet (we can still walk around with tank tops and shorts) so I'm just planning ahead (daydreaming/killing time)
Lets start with jackets. I like stylish,fitted blazers and leather jackets. They both can give a whole new accent to a plain outfit like jeans and a shirt or a dress. Lucky me, leather-rock-punk is still in. My picks:

Old style blazer (comes in white and black)
Boyfriend blazer (cream, white, black, peach, blue)

Motor leather jacket

Diamond Checked Leather Jacket
Now who doesn't like a comfy, hot, soft sweater? If you say you don't you are obviously lying! I mean, what better than to cuddle on the sofa with a cup of tea/chocolate/coffee/whatever while in a soft sweater? Unless you can cuddle with your boyfriend. Then I agree you don't need a sweater.  
Retro purple sweater
Retro knit sweater (burgundy,orange,navy blue, green)

Although, I think that, my boyfriend would looove to see me in this.-> It's a sexy sweater :p

Well that's it really.Sweaters are my weakness and a winter must have no matter what. We can't always walk around in high heels and sheer tops. Also please don't take example from the ladies in the pictures. Sweater are not to be work with shorts.No excuse ladies!! 
So what do you think about my picks this time? Is there something you always want to have in your wardrobe no matter what the fashion says? If you have a similar wishlist feel free to leave the link with your comment!
Remember!Fashion trends is not what you HAVE to wear. They are merely suggestions. Think of them as inspirations to built your own style.
And now that we got an idea of what's to come lets see what we like. Well in this case what I'd like to have in my wardrobe but don't (yet).  Here is a more extended wishlist to take an idea. Feel free to show me your picks with links in the comments!Always looking for more inspiration!

First and most loved: SKIRTS! We are women and there is nothing more flattering and girly than skirts. This time forget about the mini (although Chanel disagrees) wear elegant midi skirts with box pleats! Of course there were pencil skirts as well but BTDT. Now I want to try something else!
Where to find it? Done some research for this trend and my picks are:

flared skirt,pleated skirt,pleats,pink,skirt,midi,Chicnova
Found at Chicnova

flared skirt,pleated skirt,pleats,red,skirt,midi,ASOS
Find it in ASOS stores

flared skirt,pleated skirt,pleats,black,skirt,midi,ASOS,leather
Found at ASOS store
flared skirt,pleated skirt,pleats,beige,skirt,midi,Coco Fashion
Find it in COCO Fashion store
And a more rock-punk version in leather!

Another trend I absolutely adore: PUNK-ROCK
I know it is the exact opposite of the pretty-preppy flared skirts I previously showed but I am a rocker at heart. Honestly I was like a kid in a candy store when I first saw the stores packed with edgy, rock, punk pieces! For this season as well, if it has studs, it's in (not a huge fan of studs though) .Want to be sure?Leather, leather, leather. Never goes out of fashion and adds the desired punk tune in every outfit. Think what Avril Lavigne would wear. It is also perfectly combined with the Tartan trend that goes around this season.
Finds and picks:

Found at ASOS stores

Find it in Choies store
Stradivarius find
punk, white,cropped,top,bra,studs,
Choies love
Another trend for this season: Lady figure
Got it?Flaunt it! But not in the exposed skin kind!This season you get to show your curves with lines and cuts that define your body shape but cover you up. Think the a-line skirts we previously saw but with heavier fabrics.  No picks from me for this trend. I like it ok but I prefer the more romantic skirts as shown before.

Have you seen  Les Misérables?? If not then go see it if you want inspiration for this look!Tomboy-ish suits and combinations! 
Can be found: Mainly at Zara. Couldn't find it in many stores to tell you the truth.

I am sure everyone knows that Tartan and Tweed are must fabrics for this season. Combine anything you like with a piece made of this fabric and it's instant fashion. Be careful though because these are hard fabrics and the shape needs to fit properly to your body. You need to pay attention to the sizes for this one! 
Picks and loves:
At MissPatina store
Find it at an H&M store near you

ZARA find

Choose your colour! Gotta tell you Navy Blue and Cream to Pink shades were the it thing on the runways. Always in the Black, White, Grey and Red are must colours for most trends. Pick what suits your style and work it best! 

I just recieved this email confirming the participation of the legendary brand ESCADA! Yes I know, it's fashion week in NY. Well I live in Greece so I get to be excited about our own fashion week! From the 18th of October until the 21st brilliant masterminds of the fashion industry will be gathering in Athens for an amazing event presenting their S/S 2014 collections! It is now confirmed that the Fashion Director of the brand Escada, Daniel Wingate, with his team will be presenting their collection for the coming summer!

I am a big fan of the brand so getting to see and photograph the collection first hand is a big deal for me! I love how they show of the woman's body figure without being provocative. I adore how classy the clothes are and how they combine colours and fabrics!!! Having a sneak peek at their latest collection I can't wait to see everything on the runway of the 14th AXDW! Here is a little preview for you too!

Now to inform you who didn't know Greece had a fashion week. Yes we do and not only that, but it is attracting a lot of attention as time passes. Every season more and more established brands want to participate. Last time, for example, Patricia Field was there (and OMG the collection and the show was EPIC!!!). But it is not just that. Fashion weeks are meant for the new people. They were started so people could see something fresh on the runway from the new designers. This is where AXDW is different and this is why I am excited. We know what the big brands will bring to the game, we've seen it on other fashion shows. Here in Greece, Athens Xclusive Designers Week is an opportunity for young designers to compete and  bring something new to the fashion scene. Last time I got to be there for the Designers Awards and I must tell you I was inspired and every collection was SO different from one another I was surprised! I am expecting big things this season as well but I am sure they won't let us down. As I saw runway videos from previous Designers Weeks I can say that each time it gets better. Each time the designers bring something more, something new and better and this is why I am happy to be able to witness that first hand.  

Lets hope that this time I won't get sick and miss the last day! Yes that is why there isn't a part 3 on my AXDW report. I am so excited!!!I am already picking outfits in my head! Not that anyone will notice them anyway, but it feels good to be able to wear something fancy and go to a place where people won't look at you funny. I've got to tell you it was a blast last time getting in the bus and seeing half of it filled with people heading at the AXDW and the others looking and wondering :p 

Hello loves!It's been a while! I am back from vacations, it's September and summer is supposed to be over...right? NO!I refuse to let go of the sun yet! One of the advantages of living in Greece is that summer gets extended until November at least. Yeaeeee!!! Unfortunately it is exams period so even if we have sun and beaches, I can't enjoy them :( .On another note, it was just announced that Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam take the leads on 50 Shades of Grey. He is so freaking HOT portraying Jax Teller, I doubt he'll have a problem with CG!!! I was one of them rooting for Ian, but after seeing this choice, I am perfectly pleased!

That was the intro.Back to me (it is called spotlights on the Redhead after all). I got back from my vacations to find a lovely package on my mail! The pendant I so adored from the first sight (cause it's so me) from SPARK jewelry! You can find a lot of cool stuff there and the prices are way low! Actually I will definitely be posting about them again!They just opened but they have a site, prices and stylish pieces that can compete with the "big brands"! If you don't believe me just see for yourselves and tell me! http://www.spark-jewelry.com

Necklace:Spark Jewelry
Jeans:Suite Blanco

 Having fun.Well this was not supposed to go up because it was me almost falling...But I actually like it cause it's not stiff (and I look cute).