Athens Xclusive Designers Week Castings

What does it take to be a model on such a runway? What are the organisers looking for?

I was always wondering about the whole procedure. Sure, I've seen countless seasons of ANTM (don't judge, you have seen it too!!!) but that was TV.
It can't be the same in real life! So, when I got the email that I could attend, I was ecstatic! Athens Xclusive Designers Week is our fashion week. It's the event that attracts everyone, from reporters of CNN to fashion lovers that wait standing for each show to begin. But everyone talks about the main event and not the getting there part. It takes a lot of work from everyone involved! (Lighting in the room really didn't help my work, but I tried!)
If you find yourselves in Athens at the 29th March-1st of April come by!More info here!

The organisers:
The organisers handle the selection of the models among everything else. That for them means to sit through the castings, asses the models and then make their final choices and contact the agencies. They choose about 30 girls total and some boys who are divided in two groups and alter designers on the runway. Each designer can add more models if he has more clothes to show! Each one can have up to 30 outfits (so 30 models per show max). On the casting day there is a big line of gorgeous boys and girls waiting to test their abilities and see if they can make it. The organisers have to choose models that can fit in with all the designers. That means specific measurements and features which is really hard to find considering each one is different and has different style. At the end, even though they generally knew who they wanted, they were going over all the models again, to be sure they picked the very best! After the selection comes the fitting, the makeup rehearsals, hair and then the final rehearsal and the Athens Xclusive Designers Week!!!

Michalis Stratoudakis (you need to see his photos...)-Sissy Papatsori (gorgeous girl and so friendly!).waiting to get in!
The Agencies:
I was lucky to meet one of the agents that have huge experience in the business, Mr George Koutoulias from Future Models Management . I am pretty sure he was amazed by how clueless I was on the industry affairs but he answered all of my (silly) questions and was very helpful. He was there to support and coach his girls before and after the casting. It is very important that they have someone for moral support if they got rejected, after all, they could try again in front of the designers and end up on the AXDW catwalk, so it's ok! As a former model himself, he knows the toll it takes on the models and understands them very well. He hand picks the girls he works with and makes sure their priorities are correct. You might think he would put modeling first, but when I asked a 16yo new model (girl left on the photo) what about her future and studies, he was the first to say school is her priority! Well, the girl is an excellent student and aims for law school...  He has worked with so many big designers and knows so many people that one thing is for sure, his models will definitely get the best opportunities and the exposure.  

Eleftheria-George Koutoulias(Future Models Management)- Sissy Papatsori (Fashion Cult Models)

The Models:
I got to talk with A LOT of models that day. I was pleased to see people with personality, opinions and different styles. I only had one OMG-what-are-you-wearing moment cause the girl was wearing a very short black dress (one size too small) with sheer details and white bra (white bra?for real?). They were teachers, a football player, students and professional models. Some of them do it because they like it (and they qualify for it) and for some it's their only income. All in all, it was very important that they passed and the disappointment was clear when they didn't. There was an Asian-origin model, sweetest thing ever, so positive! It was inspiring to see her and I understood a lot better the hardship of their jobs. Unfortunately she didn't pass, they look for caucasian girls (put some diversity in the catwalk already!!!). Another girl didn't pass because she had very little catwalk experience, even though she walked very well (their words not mine). Now that I do understand, Athens Xclusive is a well known and respected catwalk, they need good walkers with experience.

Eleftheria...I want her height. And lips. And eyes. Ok her everything she is gorgeous!!!

part of the line
Not as many as other years though.
resting while waiting to get in and audition
Socialising was the way to get over the nerves!!!Laughing always helps!
Changing shoes. Trading you painful high heels for sneakers is the best feeling ever!!!
Sissy changing her shoes and resting. Her legs are amazing <3
Sissy's portfolio. It caught my eye!
Sissy in Paris.Gorgeous photoshoot from her portfolio.
Football player/model and surprisingly shy :p 
Little rocker!So versatile, her portfolio was one photo different than the other!
Next in line!


  1. This is so great, I always love a behind the scenes look into the industry!

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time Anna, what a fabulous experience for you :) I hope you get to go to a few more :)