What to get for: The Disney fan

The festive season is an exciting time for most people (no, it's not over yet, there is Valentine's), but for those of us who’ve caught the Disney/animation bug, it’s the perfect time to indulge in our addiction. If you have a Disney/animation fan in your life and you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift then I’m here to rescue you!

Special Anniversary/Special Edition DVDs

I know we all love to watch movies online now but for me, there is nothing more nostalgic than opening the DVD box on one of my Disney classics. Some of the special anniversary editions contain the making of, something no die-hard Disney fan wants to miss. For example, the special edition of Snow White has interviews with some of the Nine Old Men. You’ll see them talk about the production and they show flip through of the original artwork from the movie. It’s incredible.

Art Books from their Favourite Animated Classic

If you know that your friend/relative has a favourite Disney movie then I’d recommend getting them the art book for that movie. The art book will explain the entire production of the animated feature; from early concept work to the finished product. It’s really interesting to see the entire process. You’ll be surprised at how much work goes into the production of each scene before it’s finalised.

A Stop Motion Animation Kit

If you love animation that much then why not give it a go yourself! Most people have some form of camera and computer, with a stop-motion kit you’ll have all you need to create your own animated short. When I studied animation in college, one of our assignments was to create a stop-motion short. It was so much fun. I’ve always been a fan of stop-motion movies such as Wallace and Gromit and Coraline so getting to create my own was a dream come true.

Disney Pyjamas

I honestly don’t know a single Disney fan that doesn’t love pyjamas. So why not get them some Disney pyjamas or loungewear. They are usually available from retail stores and chain clothing shops, which means they are usually an affordable gift. You can often get comfy socks and slippers to match

Disney Homeware

Even if you’ve bought every type of Disney paraphernalia imaginable, chances are you or your friend will have room for just one more Disney mug or bowl. They come in all shapes and sizes with characters from any of your favourite classics.

Collectable Figurines

If you don’t have any Disney figurines then the holiday season is the perfect time to start your collection. Many designers have created collections for Disney but my favourite by far is the Jim Shore collection. The larger pieces can be quite expensive but the smaller ones with one single figure are very affordable and look great on any shelf or display case.

That’s it! I hope this guide has given you some inspiration, whether it’s Valentine's gift or just a treat for yourself! Thanks to Anna for having me on her blog.

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