I thought it was about time I properly introduced myself! My actual name is Anna and I am from Greece. I always wanted to have a cool nickname but none of my friends called me anything but by my name. 

Past to present I never had an interest in fashion or looking good,dressing up etc. I was the girl in sneakers or the one wearing a dress with allstar(not in the cool way).When I got in Uni (Digital Systems department of University of Piraeus) something changed. I'm pretty sure a psychiatrist would suggest that is probably the fact that none of the people I knew before were around. There was no-one there to judge me anymore for what I looked like. I was free to do what I wanted! So I chose fashion. It was a fun and quick procedure. I always had a strong opinion about what looked good on me and what I wouldn't be caught dead in! And somehow I ended up changing my entire wardrobe and giving to charity the clothes I wouldn't be wearing anymore. Some more details here.

Present I am currently trying to finish my studies (hopefully this sentence will change eventually). I am a Samsung Mobiler (cool gadgets!!!!yeaeee), also a Microsoft Student Partner (programmer FL!) I love anime and manga (no they are not just for children) and I watch tons of series. I could make a list but...it would be a huge one! That's pretty much all! I am still in the process of finding myself. I love the way I am right now but there is always room for improvement right?

Blog related It is called Spotlights on the Redhead even though my natural colour is light brown with blond highlights. I always wanted to be a redhead. When I started dyeing my hair (1st year of Uni) I dyed them red and that was it!It felt like it was meant to be <3. So when I thought about changing my blog (previous name A-listers) I was searching for days and then it hit me! Now it is so me! I am still not clear about how to do this whole thing though. Any suggestion is welcomed and appreciated. Until I truly find my rhythm and blogging style I will probably drive you crazy with changes. Please bear with me, it will probably give you something to laugh about in the end!