Fall/Winter 2012-2013 clothes: Gothic

We all know what this means and we've been expecting this look for a while. What with the new dark lips and the whole vamp make up look it is only natural that Goth would be trending again! There is something dark and elegant about this look which was chosen by Gucci,ValentinoJil Sander, Alberta Ferretti, Givenchy and others.

Where to find it?Everywhere!
TopShop! Their collection witching hour is exactly what you will need to take it to the edge of this trend.Pieces that stand out: these shoes <3 and this shirt. ( A bit expensive though :(  )

H&M: a lot of black and red pieces ready to be snatched and transform you into a fine gothic lady.My personal favourites: 
This top!why?Because it's awesome!See-through is totally this year's IT trend and with a long high-waist black(or burgundy) skirt it would be amazing!Combined with the dark red on your lips and black eye-liner it will be the perfect item for your closet.
Next on my list is this dress.Simple yet the exact meaning of the trend.Remember when we talk Goth it's mainly the accessories,shoes and make up that make the big difference.The clothes can be simple or heavy fabrics,lace etc.

 Next is an online shop called New Look:  
This skirt is silk (favourite fabric) and perfect for the see-through top.

Now this dress ...it talks for itself no need to say something more....

What I love about this trend is that you can wear dresses like this one...Lace will always be IN! (ok maybe not always).

Remember that Goth has to do with more than just black clothing. If you want to wear this trend you have to accesorize properly and wear the appropriate make-up. Meaning?Go big on the dark lips and black eye-liner while being pale on the skin and try big black/lacy rings/necklaces/earrings etc.

(Disclaimer:I do not own any of the photos in this post nor do I claim them to be mine)


  1. Ah, gotta love gothic fashion. It's dark, sexy and mysterious. Who doesn't love laces? I myself have a few. :)

    Merida here of pinoyexchange.com. ^_^