Maison Martin Margiela

You all know (or should know) that the new collaboration of H&M is with Maison Martin Margiela! If you liked my facebook page you would also know that I was there for the press preview of the collection!
All thanks to the lovely blog Pretty n yummy! So I took my best friend (blogger also), closed an appointment for make-up and picked out the clothes! (Note to self: never let another make-up artist put terracotta on my face.Never! I am white and I like it!)

Remember those awesome boots from Zara? Well they are mine!!!

But I'll leave you to the photos now!

The store:

The main event started with the singer Tamta (search on youtube for more) with an amazing performance as always!She was dressed with pieces from the new collection!

Now about the clothes.... Totally original, unpredictable shapes,new ways to wear them! This collection came to make a splash and shatter all that we took for granted!
This collection is meant to amaze and make people stare! I wanted to try everything on but...well you can see what happened as soon as they lifted the covers!

And Tamta loving the boots she got!

What I loved from the collection!

I know you'll say it's like a disco ball and that was my first reaction too. But keep an open mind cause this is art and like I said it's meant to wow!

What?It awesome!And it looks good on me ;)

This dress....I have nothing to say....I love it!

I find it funny and lovely and absolutely stylish!

And off course the item EVERYONE has been obsessing over! THE SHOES WITH THE INVISIBLE HEELS!
Available also in red! You can find boots with the same heel as well!

This isn't just fashion this is art. If you were looking for a way to express yourself in what you wear this collection has something for you!

Photos by my dear friend blogger Sofie(Your princess is in another castle)